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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Island is soooo limited

So here is where the frustrations set in. Trinidad has a very set definition of what art is. No one is willing to expnad their mind. I mean people should try it...its actually fun. Why on earth would anyone be so afraid of the new and unknown that they stay in a mental box?

Sometimes I feel lonely...there is no one to have a decent conversation with. Actually...I don't even have friends to converse with because I am so sick of talking about other people's lives, who bought the new car, the new place to lime, clothes shoes disfunctional relationships.....ugh!!! These things do nothing to further my thoughts...I just want to run in a closet and hide from all the absurdity. Millions of people whose sole purpose is working for the money to aqiure the next best thing. How does this make anyone happy or fullfilled.
And heaven forbid the discussion should move to anything about spirituality and someone has a different take on the regular will get another cliche....."You shouldn't talk about politics or religion." Fine... we will never talk about them...and remain wallowing in the same crap because we are not open to a different view. Never talk about religion and remain in the same "blindness of whatever faith has us in......"

There are many different views to this world and I knida like to know all the options. Why, because the current ones don't alays feel comfortable with me, and I hate keeping up with the Joneses.

Rant rant rant

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