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Saturday, October 18, 2008

World Crisis.... it eh go happen here

So the world economy crisis is knocking on our doors (more like threatening to bang it down!)
As usual, John Public takes the stance of the Prime Minister that it will not affect us.
Of course not... how could it? Its not like the value of our dollar is tied to the US dollar? And its not like our entire economy is hinging on the price of oil!
Nah.... we safe man...... we safe......

Yesterday the front page of the Trinidad Guardian showed a flaming US Dollar, with the finance minister urgins people to bring home their US dollars and invest them in Trinidad and Tobago. Hmmmm, wonder what that is supposed to mean?

Just in case, I was on the web looking for ways to survive in lean times......or maybe I could just pull from my "After 1990 coup" experience and start planting the pigeon peas in the back yard. I need to chat with my Grandmother, so she could let me know how they survived during the war, when food was very scarce. Seeing that we import virtually everything, and a good chunk comes from Daddy America, what's going to happen when the food scarcity which the world is facing hits us?

Maybe I am being paranoid, it was a relief to see the BMW ads out for Christmas..... at least one company expects a good year.

"Doh worry nah," I hear the collective Trini say , " God is a Trini, it eh go happen here."

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