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Monday, January 12, 2009

Government Respects Architechtural Heritage

In your Dreams hon........
It is an absolute shame to see the state of these Magnificent of them, plus one. There is no excuse really.
There used to be a Heritage Foundation set up around saving the Stollmeyer's Castle, but their legistlation got bumped out the door, when the Prime Minister decided to use the building as an extension to his office. So now there are boards on the fence...and two stinky containers in the yard (additional Office space?)
If you look closely at the houses, you will see that the windows have fallen out and they have been boarded up with plywood. These are homes that should be restored to be museums of a time past...they could generate some income as art galleries even.........
This Government should be ashamed of the way they treat our Heritage sites..... but then its a waste of a statement, because they have no shame.

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Elspeth said...

... ditto for the way they treat a lot of things (the people included).