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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I believe in Fairies

I have been doing some research into the Fae phenomenon. How did the stories start and why do people still believe in them?
In searching for themes for my next collection this theme was stumbled upon, and had me thinking about our own fae in Trinidad. Horrible as they are, they represent or relationship with our environment. Our fae folk (folk lore characters) are all harmful to humans. They represent danger, punishments for the unwary, indications of warning to all who cross their path. According to scholars who study this sort of thing, the relationship that the Fae folk have with humans in each country's stories; is the relationship that the citizen's have with each other and their Natural resources.

So here we are, in Trinidad, looking out on the world as dangerous, as destructive, maliciuos, and in turn we have the same destructive suspicious outlook on the nature of our island. And the people of our island.
And that's our own fault.
Discipline, Tolerance and Production are not words we live by. We do not have the discipline to observe what our land needs, how to respect our environment and care for it. We slash, burn, reroute our water courses and then protest when they go back into place and cause flooding.

We have the same approach to everything from the outside, and yet want to be seen as more than a Third World country. We are afraid of the slightest change, and we complain that things never change. We would rather live in fear of stepping in a new direction, than take the path less travelled and marvel at its beauty.

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