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Saturday, March 21, 2009

An aha moment with a touch of Garlic

Bear with me as I take you through this realization that I had. I have a weekly routine of blending herbs. I make a huge batch of Marinade (or Seasoning, depending on where you come from) with my herbs, which I usually just throw everything into the blender and grind all the buggers into one.

One week though, growing very bored of this, I decided to make use of my extreme amount of plastic containers and grind each herb separately.

So in grinding the separate stashes of garlic, onion, thyme, and the like; I realized that this gave me more scope in cooking- as this way I would be able to tweak the flavours to suit my goals.

For some reason, it hit me in the face that these were my “elements.” The realization was that Conciousness’ separation of the “elements” was a way to experiment with different combinations was so profound that I burst out laughing
On some level, everything manifested has a consciousness. All things are combinations of these elements and Spirit. Even things manifested by Man, have combinations of the elements. Whether you look at it from a scientific point of view, or an esoteric point of view (using the four elements instead) what I am saying holds some truth.

I found confirmation of this point in a book written by Peter Marshall. According to Marshall, “…. life created matter for its further evolution. “

Conciousness needed to taste the different “flavours that that Nature could offer.

Just then the children turned on the TV and began a huge argument, busting the thread of thought that I was following……Grrrrrr.
I would have to pick this up sometime.

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