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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stop the Race mixing group on Facebook

So this is me.
I am mixed...and I couldn't resist joining a Facebook group which was rallying the cause to stop the race mixing. I in all my redness joined the discussion, proudly declaring myself as a mixed race person.

There is a particularly nasty one, all f-words and n-words that questions the colour of my "black" skin. I am on the fair side...and have been refered to as a Trini"white" sometimes....which is just as hilarious to me.

I am niether black, nor white. I am a mixture of the two. I cannot see why I should refere to one side as if the other wasn't there. No one asks a Chinese/Indian mixed person to identify with one over the other? Why should I be labeled as one over the other?

I am still having fun on this group..... if you are interested in joining, look for it on my profile.....LOL


Anonymous said...

Regarding race mixing,i think that it is tragic that so many people have been brainwashed by the universal enemies of race(those who have conspired to end ethnic homogeneity and national sovereignty)that they believe that race doesnt matter and that race mixing is progressive and moral and good.This,of course,is NOT true.Race mixing is,in fact,a sign of a society`s degeneracy,not its progress.Opposing race mixing is not backward,hateful or intolerant,it is necessary to ensure racial survival.Races and societies,history has shown,do not survive amalgamation and eventually become less competent and less prosperous and eventually die.Races with low numbers and low birthrates can actually become extinct as a consequence of race mixing.So,you see,those who oppose race mixing are not bad people;they are not "haters" or "nazis" or "rednecks".They are thoughtful and intelligent people who understand that true "diversity" is allowing races to survive unmixed in their own nation states,not the false diversity of bringing all races into the same society and encouraging them to mix under the liberal assumption that they are all the same.

Samantha said...

While I understand the point of view that you are coming from, the group in questions sees persons like me as an abomination. The reaction to my picture and my ethinicity was so hatefull. The person actually said I was decieving individuals by putting up a picture of a WHITE person, and posing as this person.
As a mixed race individual I am proud of my heritage. I don't care who looks on me with scorn. To think that I should be something to be hated simply because there are many races in my blood is ridiculous. And to think that persons should put "racial pedigree" over love is just orrendous.