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Friday, July 17, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, a girl had an incredible magick power of Spirit. She moved through life excitedly, experiencing, planning, wishing, dreaming. Everything she asked for became manifest...the world was before here, and she was discovering herself, watching her inner being unfold before her like a flower.

Afraid of the direction in which she was going, The Elders convinced here that her explorations were dangerous, and that she was heading down a destructive path. She needed to reject that Spirit, she needed to come back down to earth and be realistic.
They performed a prayer right, and banished bound her soul.

Twenty years have past since that event. And looking back it was the point where all problems began. The point where she lost her inner Spirit, is the point where she gave up asking what she wanted, and tried to become what other people wanted....

Free of this limitation........she advances to her best being.

She continues to search for her Magick Temple, which would be the base of her nurturing, and house those things most precious to her heart, soul and spirit.

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Elspeth said...

I want to comment on this but I'm not quite sure what to say. But just thought I'd at least say that. I understand. Hope she finds her magick - or realises it was never lost.