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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is the Perfect Coffee/Spaghetti Sauce/Cola?????

Spaghetti Sauce

Listen to the lecture.
Malcolm Gladwell gives us food for thought!  (pun! LOL)
It outlines a fundamental flaw in our quest for the "perfect whatever."
We seek the "perfect way to.......(insert activity here)" all the time. It may be the perfect house, the perfect  car, the perfect religion, the perfect lifestyle.

We are forgetting that perfection can lie in diversity. That all these variants that exist are perfect in themselves. That there is no perfect anything, but the beauty lies in the appreciation of the varieties that exist.

Are we though, prepared to embrace the idea as it relates to religion? Or as it relates to gender? How about the idea of mental diversity?

We tend to place everything into neat little boxes in our minds, and not accept that perhaps there is no one way, but a variety of ways may add  richness to life's experience.

Why would God/ Goddess/ Higher Being create the Universe with all its paradoxes or variations? It is the Universe at play, with itself, enjoying the diversity which existence can offer.

There is beauty in the diversity of Mind...will you recognize that Beauty if you see it? Or will you retract from its Beauty of of fear?

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