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Friday, September 10, 2010

Minimum Wage hike pointless

I was listening to Next 99.1 FM recently where Stacy Lyons asked people for their comments on the budget. The general consensus seemed to be that the budget did nothing to address high food prices, or to increase people's salaries. The expectation was that the minimum wage would be increased.

I am still waiting on the details and the budget debate, but I couldn't understand why people can't see that raising minimum wage would be pointless. Everything we consume would simply increase in price if the cost of labour goes up!
Simple deduction...if a loaf of bread costs $2 in ingredients, and $2 in labour and sells for $8........then when it costs $2 in ingredients and $3 in labour...well then the price would go up to $9!!!!! We would be right back to square one.

I didn't listen to the budget with intense focus, as work was taking up my attention, but it seems to me that a serious focus on local food production was tackling the root of the problem...and not putting a patch on the leak so to speak.
We import almost all our food! Very little of it it currently grown here. If other countries which we export from started experiencing a shortage, and kept their food for their population....well Trini's...we ass is to speak! We don't grow enough food to feed ourselves. Imagine if all the grocery stores suddenly shut down...where would you get food to feed your household?
Well Grocery Russia has shut down (wheat to make bread) and Grocery China, and Pakistan have just shut down (rice??) Corn suppliers are realizing that there is a much more lucrative market in selling to ethanol plants for bio-fuels, than for food.

In my opinion, planting the seeds here and growing the food here ensures that we have ample supply. It would be cheaper as there are no shipping and export costs to add to the produce, and we may very well have enough to export and earn some money.
Look at the Ginger issue for example...$60 a pound? Did you know that a plant container and  a piece of ginger cut in four can supply a household with enough ginger for normal daily use? Well except if you make ginger beer for Christmas.

The budget has indeed tackled the cost of food by promoting local please don't push for a minimum wage hike and send up the cost of living more!!!??? Please????? Us monthly paid workers never get a pay increase after a wage hike...and the cost of living goes up anyway!

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