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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to earn an income from your blog

To shush the nayayers, go to this link, and see a list of  thirty top income earnings blogs :
Sam's Web Guide   (not me, another Sam)

One blog suggested that posting more pages (about 250 -500 per month) was one way to go. Other's suggest several affiliate programmes, google adsense and learning search engine optimization.

Found a PDF to help with that :
Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide

By my estimates, I need to increase my traffic to about 200 per day to begin to earn money that would make a difference to me. So I need to figure out how to drive readers to my blog.

Being in media for several years, I know that the thing that drives people to your channel is:  (drum roll please)
did I mention

Now...even though my blog is predominantly about art....maybe I need to tweak the angle a bit to get more people to read my blog. I also know that in the top 50 key words used in search engines "How to......" gets used most often?

Lets see how this goes.


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