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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kurt Allen's Calypso Inspires a Painting

Sometime last week The FIRST FAMILY OF CALYPSO contacted me about a idea for a Nation Building song that Kurt Allen had composed. The song called for the Nation to pause, and take time to heal, to turn our attention to our spirit of community, in prayer. The universal gesture of hand together in prayer was the image that they had in mind......could I, over the weekend, produce a painting that would reflect the essence of the song and its intention? They wished to present both song ( Do So) and the paintings to each of the heads of our two political parties.

So scrambling with three or four sketches I finally settled on this one:

Really I would have liked to see this painting done on a longer piece of canvas, to include three more people, but the limitations of pre-made canvas shapes available.......well, given the short space of time I had to work with what I 20" x 24" it was!

Filled in the colour and shade and shadow.........

...and then added details, and outlines and lots of pattern all in between the areas of colour...filigree as I call it sometimes. The final outcome was:
Of course when I was finished, I was cackling like a mad witch who has just created the ultimate potion....or perhaps like The Brain who had come to take over the world......
In other words, I liked it......and as an artist, you know that difference. The way you feel when you truly have connected to a painting, as against just doing one that "looks nice."

Anyway, I shall post the outcome of this exercise at another day.....stay tuned!

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