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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An evolution with Carnival - Where mas should reach

Harts 2011 - Planet Rock
Coming out of the blog with the Mas Tax, I think it appropriate to bring up a conversation about something that is dear to my heart. Mas has not evolved. We are stifling the craft.

The reason why I can say this, is because a look into the evolution of arts and crafts in any country...lets pick India, for example- will show that arts and crafts have permeated into main stream society. They have made their craft theirs. Think now, imagine. Fabrics from India, furniture from India, handbags from India, can be imagined and pictured, because of their unique style. They export these items to millions of people around the world.
Decorative Indian Box
The design elements are all the same, the arches, the motifs, the colour combinations are distinct to Indian Design.
Now pick Indonesia, and you can have the same experience. There is a distinctive style to the arts and crafts of Indonesia, with finer, taller arches, their own motifs etc.

Reclaimed wooden table from indonesia
Now think....Trinidad fabrics, Trinidadian furniture, Trinidad Pillows???......Trinidadian Clothes????? Motifs???? Fabrics???? Any one? Anything?

Do you see my point? I once dreamed up a house that would be totally local, however, I had serious trouble finding, or knowing where to go to find furniture that was not from China or Malaysia or India.
I sometimes imagine, at least as a start, we should be decorating or homes for Carnival and every house should be ablaze in sequins and "house costumes". The entire country can be done up in the spectacle that is Carnival, and create a sensation of MAS....that would blow all other Carnivals out of the water. Because it is ours, because we all identify with it, because it has become more than a show of scantily clad women in wild abandon, and has turned into a showcase for the creativity of Trinidad and Tobago. But we have very very far to go before it gets that stage.

Hopefully one day, I can see a wooden shelf made with two Jab Jabs appearing to hold it onto the wall.

Hmmmm... Maybe that can be thrown out as an Art Challenge. Hmmmm...other ideas popping into my head.

Any way...though I'd share a design that may never be created. A Dragonfly Bottle, meant to hold "Spirits"
Clear Blue glass and gold filigree wire all around it; with Jeweled Dragonfly. But I cannot blow glass, neither do I know a glass artisan that I can go to.......

Some day.....Some day....Congotay????

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