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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Following your bliss

Thirteenth Lotus Flower from 100 Lotus Flowers

Imagine reaching the end of your life, being on your death bed and looking back and thinking, " I have never done anything in my life that I truly wanted to do."

To me, that would be the greatest horror and disappointment. To reach the end, and to have never experienced the sheer joy of living in doing exactly what your heart wanted to do. I have always said that I wish I knew at 20 what I now understand at 3?. (hehehehe)

In doing this project I recognize that key to my mind accepting that it is possible, is because the persons who issued the worst pressure on me to "get back to reality" as they put it are no longer around. I have literally removed myself from those who did not understand what it meant to find your bliss.

I feel like I was living hell on earth actually. What causes us to make that decision to forgo truly enjoying life, for the sake of the physical trappings of life. And I call them trappings, because the more money I earned, the more money I needed to earn to sustain my lifestyle. I felt trapped in this cycle of always needing more.....

Anyway, reading different texts on Lotus Flowers and their meanings in all religions and cultures made me wonder at the great synchronicity that is this Divine existence. In Hindu mythology, the Lotus Flower is said to have sprung forth from the Navel of Vishnu.

Now in understanding myth, it is very important to understand the energies that these symbols represent. The symbol of Divine Energy and Divine grace (Lotus Flower) sprung forth from the area of the strongest sense of self esteem and will power (Navel - Sacral Chakra ) of  the source of light and support for existence (Vishnu). It is clearly and loudly blaring at us to follow our bliss. As I unraveled these symbols I smiled to myself that the very symbol I was drawn to to assist in my transition has a secondary meaning symbolizing following your bliss.

And it is with surety in my heart that I know I am on the right path. To quote Joseph Campbell...." if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the kind of life that you ought to be living....."

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