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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out of my mouth - A little rant

Okay...I am going to say it regardless of who gets offended! And why should they get offended I do not know because this is my experience.

The older I get, the more marginalized I feel.

There.... I said it.

I am Caribbean... but my image does not fit the "typical" Caribbean image.

In seeking our "Caribbean" Art Galleries abroad, I am so frustrated because for the most part they focus on African Art. There is so much more to the Caribbean than African Art. And why do I feel I have to apologize because my skin is on the paler side? I am as Trini as all of you, I am Caribbean as all of you.
And I am sick of those people who say that I should just accept that I am black. Hold on.... can you ask a dougla to accept that he/she is indian????? Shall we reject one part of ourselves in favour of another just to fit into a particular group?

What I create will never conform to African or Indian Art. What I am... is a filter that gathers all the experiences that I am exposed to , mixes it in my mind, and creates my opinion of the amalgamation of these experiences.
I AM..... and that's enough! I do not need to be labeled.


Anonymous said...

I agree, you shouldn't be expected to illustrate a known "Caribbean culture" you should always recreate your experience as a Trinidadian. This post pleased me quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Wherever I travelled and I think of home (Trinidad), I learnt to appreciate the multicultural spirit and unity that integrates and drives our society.
We are NOT Africans, Indians nor anyone else for that matter…Our moral, social, or psychological formation inculcates our unique culture of bonafid Trinbagonians.
Our expressions are unique, our tongue… and by that I meant, “our language” better described us, anywhere in the world as Trinidadians.
Old friend, do not allowed your arms to be twisted by fascism who believed Trinidad is just a little black African Island in the West Indies with no COLOURS. Keep up the good work.


Dave Cave said...

I fully agree with you post on Jun 26 2011

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