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Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Grieves - the danger of religious fundamentalism

In watching the incident which happened in Norway the world held its breath-  it was waiting for confirmation of what it was sure it already knew. Clearly, implied all; only a terrorist Muslim gropu could have carried out this heinous act.
The media's stereotypes were shattered last week when it was revealed that a tall blond Norwegian, Christian, carried out those acts.
Norway is a country in which religious tolerance is encouraged, humanism is well understood and practiced. The attacker was increasingly afraid of this melting pot of religions and culture that was being created in his country.

I have heard a teaching from a new Christian church, and I was told that it was widely accepted among NEW Christian Movements. The teaching is that the coming of the end of the world will be marked by the creation of one religion. Apparently in one interpretation, the religions are supposed to first come together, be accepted by each other and eventually merge into one (also known as the One World Order). When this happens, untold disaster and evil will befall mankind.

In hearing this teaching I for one was shocked. Here was a seemingly "Christian" teaching encouraging suspicion,hatred and intolerance. Here was a pastor, to whom people came to seek inner peace, and in seeking inner peace are becoming willing fertile grounds for more intolerance and divisiveness. The pastor has just planted the seed of hatred.
I wonder if this teaching formed the basis of the action of that Norwegian man, whose name I will not mention in this blog. The reason being that he wishes his message to be heard, he wishes his name to be known. I will not reward this horrible act with granting him his desires.
I have said it before, and I will say it again: Any faith, religious/spiritual leader, or individual who creates fear and suspicion of another group, religion or spiritual path is clearly acting on the basis of his/her own fear and intolerance and does not have peace as the core of his belief.

And as a side note...the world has just learnt that terrorist crimes, through religious fundamentalism can occur with other faiths. So now we have to take a look at the core messages that are being taught by ALL religions.

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