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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Wall of Flowers

Just a portion of my wall so far, with thirty lotus flowers. I have to give them a rest for a while, maybe. I need to focus for this week on packing up my things and moving house. A shames though, as the rhythm was going quite fine, and a few more were flooding my mind.

I feel like I am about to jump off of another cliff. The place I am moving to is supposed to be quite temporary, an I may not have space to work. I certainly will not be able to put all the flowers on a wall.
Doing a project like this really encourages flow. Having to create based on a limiting theme really helps push the mind's boundaries. I am finding back my flow. Soon other things will begin to flow too.

There are thirty completed as I said before, but I have only posted 26 online so far. I will continue to post the others during the week.

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