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Friday, October 14, 2011

Does Deja Vu come from Dreams? - Dream Journal Experience.

In my groggy state early mornings, just before I really wake up, the tone of my mental images changes. Occasionally paintings pop into my head. Because of this I had begun keeping a Journal to record these images as soon as I woke up. It eventually morphed into a Dream Journal where I would record dreams that had a profound emotional impact on me.

After about five years of doing this I began to notice things. I remember reading Carl Jung and his ideas about universal symbols and personal symbols. Our subconscious has its own symbols, and sometimes it sends us messages in our dreams to give us answers. Most times though, our everyday mind cannot understand the subconscious and its messages.

Some years back I notice that I had lots of dreams where the same themes kept repeating. I kept dreaming of trying to dial my partner's phone number, and could never get the numbers right. In all dreams the theme was the same. I was unable to reach him on his cell phone. In our real life relationship,this transalated into a communication breakdown....I was unable to communicate freely with him, for fear of reprisal. Eventually, when communications degraded to the point where we had to part ways, the dream's message clicked then.........

Recently, I began noticing more Deja Vu experiences. In writing down my dreams, just after I woke up; I was reinforcing the images in my mind. Now that the images are playing out in reality before me, I know where they come from. Deja Vu is not so mysterious for me anymore.... I can actually say with surety.."I have dreamt this!" Does the experience really come as a result of dreams then? And do we get glimpses into the future via our dreams? It is one thing to speculate about the issue, and one thing to go back in your journals and find the dream.
I must say though that the experience/dreams have not been anything life changing. They are more the kind of dreams like being in a place at a time, watching a movie in the presence of a particular person; or like this morning, sitting on a chair in my parents home, reading the paper and watching George Singh on TV, with my father in the kitchen.

Nothing earth shattering, but still wondrous all the same.

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