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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Minsumer Movement

Like a growing number of people, I have become dejected with rampant consumerism. One of the "icky" feelings I get is rather pronounced at this time, when there is a frenzy of spending for this time of year. The way we have been programmed to "must have" the lights, the decorations, the foods, the drinks, the presents..... and we get into this mode of panic if all on the list cannot be cleaned and changed and cooked.......
I feel the need to simplify life.

I have been looking at the Minimalist Movement, and feel that I must share this link from Miss Minimalist because it hits home at the very heart of the "ickyness" I have been feeling at the excessive-ness that I see around me.
The new movement of "Minsumerism" is one to watch. It speaks to environmental and financial responsibility, and seeking happiness not in the things that you can buy, but in the people and experiences around you. That's where life's riches really are. Anyway, here is the link:
Minsumer Movement

And a link to her book Frugillionaire

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