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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Proud Mom.......My son looks for a job.

That's my boy. He is 16 years old. In case you didn't notice he has several physical disabilities, which by the way does not keep him back at all.
We crossed a milestone today...well..... more like I crossed a milestone.

I don't speak about him much because basically I respect his space and his independence. But today, I helped him look for a job.

He tried yesterday to get his resume printed...... traveled alone to Long Circular and tried to find somewhere to print it. Then he goes all the way to Office Express on Tragarette Road and back to the end of Woodbrook empty handed, cuz their printer's weren't working. Have you any idea how much that hurts for him? Two pain killers and a phone call later I was told.." I wanted to do it on my own Mom."

Today I helped...... okay more like held the resumes while he walked into stores in the Mall asking for work for the holidays. He did not want me to go with him. I respectfully held my distance.

But for me, seeing this challenged boy of mine determined to get a job, determined despite all the things people say. Determined despite the negative responses, and never losing hope that the next person will say ..." Okay send me your resume." and seeing the look of surprise when he comes back with it one minute later......makes me wonder how this boy is able to get over his mental hurdles and get things done.

Seeing how determined he is to be independent, to learn to travel...... to face the rejection even from Taxi Drivers who don't want to pick him up...till he waves his money out at them......... and then I hear... " I have to learn Mom...I won't be able to drive for a long time...I have to learn to travel."

He doesn't have to get a job for me to be proud of him....I already am.


Anonymous said...

He mirrors your own strength! Thank you for sharing this. I kept seeing the word "disability" and between those lines is pure ability!

Anonymous said...

Samantha mango tree don't produce zaboca. I am so in awe of both mother and son.

Anonymous said...

I pray that people will see the inner person because the outer shell is just a wrapping - May the good Lord open a door for him and Bless him with a full life of love, health and prosperity.