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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Into the Dark Night

Coelho has an interesting metaphor which he used to explain the experience of the unknown.
He describes the character Brida, as having experienced the Dark Night (she actually spends one night alone in the forest). The Dark Night became a symbol for stepping into the realm of the unknown- that place we find ourselves whenever we enter into uncharted waters of life experience.
The uncertainty, the insecurity that we feel is similar to a forced spiritual experience that Western Mystery Traditions ensure that initiates go through. Spending time in the unknown, in uncertainty only strengthens your spirit.
Some traditions place initiates in a box for a few hours.....some in a well........
These days though...the Dark Night can be experienced( to a point) just by trying something new.....and that something that fills you with fear is the best thing to choose to experience. It brings an enormous amount of spiritual growth when you can conquer that thing you most fear......and watch its "fearful" importance fade into...nothingness...its own Dark Night.
Now how do I create imagery associated with such a theme?
And are there other literary metaphors with the same theme?

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