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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Order Anisoptera

On a Mosaic Table - 8" x 10" Samantha Rochard
I haven't been very active on this blog, I know. I do apologise.  Circumstances have changed and I do not have access to much tech or a stable connection. I am currently working on this series. For those who wish to keep up to date, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. Those pages are updated more frequently as my cell phone allows for it. Usually I discuss the process on the blog and more detailed information, but that would have to wait a while.
In a nutshell, I paint, I learn to manage the disease I have and keep up with family commitments. Thats all I can manage.

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Daniel Frankland said...

Hello Samantha,
I am Dan of the editorial team of JustFiction Publishing, a publishing house specializing in publishing novels, fiction, poetry and short stories of all genres from new, aspiring and experienced authors.
Your artwork is beautiful! Would you consider starting a conversation about possibly publishing your work with us, if you have a work of fiction writing? You can reach me at d.(my surname)@(my website minus www).com
I'd be delighted to tell you more about us!

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