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Friday, October 31, 2014

Famous Dark Works

 Yeah...its Halloween.
...and I would like to pay homage to some twisted minds who produced creepy paintings in their time. These were done when there were no computer graphics or horror movies, nothing but stories and imagination to create the image.....because the probability of these images being popular was nil!


Witches Sabbath- Goya, 1798
 Goya had to have been in defiance about what was going on around him to boldly produce this painting. With all the Inquisition accusations and murders (and I am determined to call them murders) exploring such a topic as this could easily have landed the artist in a bonfire...or a river to see if he could float. It portrays a supposed version of A Witches Sabbath......poking fun at the superstition at the time. Sadly, that superstition still reigns..... I have never seen dead babies or a goat at a witches Sabbath, though I do recall a goat being the star of a political rally here on this island!

The Nightmare- Henry Fusell -1781
 I know this feeling....lots of us have had this feeling. That tightness in your chest and you can't wake up because you feel like something is sitting on your chest. Back then people felt it too. Some of these images are so old, centuries old, that I wonder about people who believe that these are the end of times.......some images have not changed for centuries, and may just be part of the human story.

The Magic Circle - John William Waterhouse- 1886
 Not scary to me....but may be considered on the dark side for some. I love John William Waterhouse. I think his paintings of women are empowering. I would love to see this in the real, as the original is nearly two meters high....just glance at a door for reference...yeah...about that size. It depicts a woman, casting a ritual circle.....and for those of you who are need to start googling.

Saturn Devouring his Son - Goya , 1819-1823
 In the twilight of his years Goya purchased a house near Madrid, and painted a series of black paintings on their walls. Saturn, to prevent a prediction that one of his sons will overthrow him, devoured all of his children. Jupiter was the only child to survive. I always thought that these stories were about the creation of the planets in some way....but who can tell? The stories are as old as time. Personification of them give a dark twist.

Saturn Devouring His Son - Ruebens -1636

This was one earlier version of the subject matter, done by Peter Paul Rubens. Scholars have debated which painting is scarier for years. This version seems to depict a calculating Saturn, determined to destroy the child, whereas Goya's seemed to depict a madness setting in. I don't know which one is scarier, the psychotic behavior of a mad killer, or the calm purposeful;l behavior of a murderer.

Christopher Carrion Rising - Clive Barker , 2002
Not one of the Masters (YET!), Clive Barker's artwork is fascinating. Disturbing to most (except my daughter; who sees absolutely nothing creepy or dark about it. Now THATS disturbing), though known by very few.

This was done for a series of stories called ABARAT, and yes its first book is available in the Port of Spain Library. Go check it out. Barker wrote the story and did all the paintings and characters for this four book series.

...and for those who would like a daily dose of this type of subject matter, then check out this blog

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


“Mad Gyal”
“You eh too all there are you?”
“I realize that you jes….different”

I have heard those words used over and over again. Yes, I am well aware that I think differently than some people. Things and ideas people place importance on just don’t excite me at all.

I have no need to belong.
My only goal is my happiness …. (well and the people I love too)
Are artists truly crazy? Or are we the sanest individuals on the planet.

Is it that our “creative brains” are one rung short of a full ladder? Or are we geniuses?

There are a few “experts who can answer that question. You can find links below:

You can weigh in on the subject.

I have found a few truths about creative persons, and these are not facts, just my observations on the creative people around me- some of whom I have grown up with and have noted their behavior since they were young:

1)      Creative persons are not afraid to try on different masks – They know that masks are just that…masks. Where temporary personalities and try them on for a while. How else would you know what fits you and whats not for you. We have no need to “FIT IN” ….uuugh!

2)      Creative persons are not afraid to be their true selves – So what if we like purple hair and listen to music from old musicals. I happen to LOVE purple stretch velvet thank you! We tattoo if we need …or not, we have mice on our shoulders, we have no problem posing in our underwear for an artpeice…..neither do we have a problem being understated and private if it suits us.

3)      Creative persons take risks – we must…..we need to know how it feels to do things. We need to create….always…in every aspect of our life! (YES the PUKE GREEN is for the living room wall!)

4)      We LOVE culture, and cultural anomalies

5)      We love to see status quo being turned upside down…. The thing and its opposite can co-exist in our minds….simultaneously!

6)      We are very spiritual… whatever form or fashion that excited our mind.

7)      We feel emotions one hundrediferous more times than the average person! I kid you not!

8)      We pick up on coming trends….faster ….much faster…..or maybe that because we create the trends?

9)      At times life can be the bestest most sparkly thing……and at times we feel like slashing our wrists and ending it…(See item 7)

10)   At the end of a painting, a musical piece, a great poem, story…..whatever. At the end of our creative process we slowly com down from a high. This, we acknowledge as the absolute reason for living. The best feeling in the world!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mind block

Feels like it.

When the images don't come anymore and I am wondering what to do to ninja kick them into existence. There are lots of things that kill creativity. Fear, anxiety, lack of affirmation, diminishing self-worth, isolation.
The mind can obsess on these things and; poof!; there goes any exploratory or creative spirit.

Many people do not realize that I am a loner by nature. I may explore a new situation, or person excitedly. But there comes a time when I begin to "get it" or "get them" and I see the pattern. Then it (they) no longer give me the creative stimulation, and I am off to the next "fix".

No I do not do drugs.

My explorations now are about the creative mind and how it works. I feel the need to look outside myself and see how to control the flow of images better- how to make them come when I want them to come.

I may blog some of that...and I may not. But lets see how that goes.