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Monday, January 26, 2015

Balandra Morning

Balandra Morning in progress

Last year some friends of mine were house sitting a place in a secluded spot in Balandra, and invited me for the weekend. The place was small and cute, just enough space to be comfortable and the views and serenity of the surroundings made me feel so relaxed and at ease.

Such a place, seems ideal to me to settle in. It would be a dream, to live in such serene surroundings. I have no need for hustle and bustle anymore. My mind and body honestly feels like I need to be home. In that weekend, I knew what "HOME" would feel like for me.

Detail of Balandra Morning - Samantha Rochard
 As I get older; slower, quieter days appeal to me. I have already spoken about how I would love to simplify life. These days, with my imposed rest to improve the conditions brought on by Menieire's; I am thoroughly enjoying my new schedule. There is a lot more quiet and peace. I feel like this is what I am meant to do, (stupid to say at this point because I knew that all along) as I sit at the canvas in the early morning and paint. I wake early before dawn, do a bit of self assessment and thinking, then paint till about 10am, I actually look forward to waking up in the morning and facing the day! Everyday for me now is full of excitement and wonder and creativity.
Detail from Balandra Morning - Samantha Rochard
 I am still, as usual, struggling with meshing the financial part. I am yet to use my sales skills to monetize effectively, these canvases that I put out.,,,I have some plans, but more about that in another post.
Balandra Morning Samantha Rochard
Here is the final painting, which I hope generates those peaceful and content feelings which I had that weekend. Moving forward with the aim of achieving this kind of serenity, peace and joy which I felt for that brief time.

Live creatively.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Crossroads...sort of

The two pictures above are just some of the recent works that I have have done.
I have been in a very creative mood, mostly because I have been forced to take extended down time due to a condition called Meniere's Disease, which I was recently diagnosed as having. Well...not really recently...about a year ago....but since September, the episodes/attacks have been too frequent. Frequent enough for me never to know on a day to day basis if I am going to be able to leave the house. It mkes planning, scheduling and working difficult.
Useful Meniere's Link here :

and here: Learn more about Meneire's

I have been keeping myself busy by creating. I am also trying to process the possibility of not being able to work a regular job, as I have been at rest fro two weeks and there have been no chamges in the frequency of the symptoms. I cannot say that they are getting better, I can only say that when I am down, I rest...(that is I am confined to a bed). I am able to do less, and even on good days I have learnt not to push beyond doing two errands per day, or I will spend the whole of the afternoon and the next day in bed. Driving has been curtailed. I can only make the occasional trip to Port Of Spain, and usually stay within a three mile radius. In a nutshell, to much movement, loud noises, conversation, low humming sounds like pressure washers, helicoptors, and some vehicles force me to retreat to a quiet place. Lights from stores and malls make me feel sick...almost instantly. I have half an hour to run in, get my stuff and run back out before I want to throw up.I have had the constant feeling of someone holding a high speed drill to my head....everyday....every freakin day!

So far.....since September, I can count the days when I had the all clear...feeling no effects of the condition.....on one hand.

Needless to say, I plan every morning for the most urgent task. I get that done and see what can be done next.

The painting keeps me sane......I can actually zone out and not pay attention to the buzzing and the whupping and screeching in my ear that occasionally interrupts my peace of mind.

The Gallery at Fine Art n Woodbrook has lots of my work for sale. Please go buy and ask Hazel or Kerri to show them to you if you would like to own an original. I appreciate this talent more. I hope it can be my fall back if I am unable to go back to work.

Not one to panic.....taking it as it comes.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Famous Dark Works

 Yeah...its Halloween.
...and I would like to pay homage to some twisted minds who produced creepy paintings in their time. These were done when there were no computer graphics or horror movies, nothing but stories and imagination to create the image.....because the probability of these images being popular was nil!


Witches Sabbath- Goya, 1798
 Goya had to have been in defiance about what was going on around him to boldly produce this painting. With all the Inquisition accusations and murders (and I am determined to call them murders) exploring such a topic as this could easily have landed the artist in a bonfire...or a river to see if he could float. It portrays a supposed version of A Witches Sabbath......poking fun at the superstition at the time. Sadly, that superstition still reigns..... I have never seen dead babies or a goat at a witches Sabbath, though I do recall a goat being the star of a political rally here on this island!

The Nightmare- Henry Fusell -1781
 I know this feeling....lots of us have had this feeling. That tightness in your chest and you can't wake up because you feel like something is sitting on your chest. Back then people felt it too. Some of these images are so old, centuries old, that I wonder about people who believe that these are the end of times.......some images have not changed for centuries, and may just be part of the human story.

The Magic Circle - John William Waterhouse- 1886
 Not scary to me....but may be considered on the dark side for some. I love John William Waterhouse. I think his paintings of women are empowering. I would love to see this in the real, as the original is nearly two meters high....just glance at a door for reference...yeah...about that size. It depicts a woman, casting a ritual circle.....and for those of you who are need to start googling.

Saturn Devouring his Son - Goya , 1819-1823
 In the twilight of his years Goya purchased a house near Madrid, and painted a series of black paintings on their walls. Saturn, to prevent a prediction that one of his sons will overthrow him, devoured all of his children. Jupiter was the only child to survive. I always thought that these stories were about the creation of the planets in some way....but who can tell? The stories are as old as time. Personification of them give a dark twist.

Saturn Devouring His Son - Ruebens -1636

This was one earlier version of the subject matter, done by Peter Paul Rubens. Scholars have debated which painting is scarier for years. This version seems to depict a calculating Saturn, determined to destroy the child, whereas Goya's seemed to depict a madness setting in. I don't know which one is scarier, the psychotic behavior of a mad killer, or the calm purposeful;l behavior of a murderer.

Christopher Carrion Rising - Clive Barker , 2002
Not one of the Masters (YET!), Clive Barker's artwork is fascinating. Disturbing to most (except my daughter; who sees absolutely nothing creepy or dark about it. Now THATS disturbing), though known by very few.

This was done for a series of stories called ABARAT, and yes its first book is available in the Port of Spain Library. Go check it out. Barker wrote the story and did all the paintings and characters for this four book series.

...and for those who would like a daily dose of this type of subject matter, then check out this blog