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Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Direction - 100 Lotus Flowers Update

My on-going project 100 Lotus Flowers has taken a new direction.
See :

This, the fifty-ninth flower has morphed into something that was actually  stepping stone to better work. Now I feel confident that what is being created (because I already have done two after this one) is fit to be exhibited. These will be shown at an upcoming show. More about that later.

Number Fifty Nine is just a teaser. The last forty really transcend.

When I look at this one and compare to some earlier flowers, I am happy about following through with the process.

Compare some of the first efforts to the latest version....watching the growth is enjoyable.

Earning From your Art - Using Fine Art America

The challenge from any artist will be to earn revenue from their work. The usual method of doing this will be to use galleries to hold an exhibition whether it be a group or solo show.

This show (hopefully done annually) will eventually start earning revenue and act as a base for your income, supplementing this income with other projects and revenue earning methods.

One such method I have found is the use of websites which offer print on demand for buyers.
I will recommend Fine Art America :

Sign up is free and there is a free trial service which enables you to post your images (ensure they are high quality) for potential buyers. Behind the scenes to can set the price you wish to be paid for the use of your images. Buyers have choices ranging from art paper to canvas prints, framing options, and cards. They are currently introducing printing on other items such as phone cases. I highly suspect this trend will continue.

I recommend setting up a Pay Pal account have have the payments sent there. receive payments from Pay Pal you need a VISA card.

Note that you get paid for your images, and you will also recieve a commission on the framing etc that the buyer chooses.

Another important step to note is that your must MARKET this service to your followers. I use social media. I must admit that I have been rather delinquent at marketing it myself, but I have not lost out from having this option for my overseas followers, as I have found that shipping original artwork to be a challenge, and very expensive.

Again, I recommend the site.....trying it out won't hurt. It takes a while to build up the sales, but its worth the effort that you would have to put in.

Blank Canvas

Something about my mind sees everything as a blank canvas. Paper, canvas, a room, an empty yard, a blank anything devoid of decoration is just waiting for me to "make pretty."

I have painted shoes, clothes, jewelry, garden elements, walls, you name it: I have touched it with a brush. My mind is always focused on creating the thing I see inside my mind.

I realized too that I do that with my relationships...much to my detriment I may add. And more than once to. Not seeing what "is" but forever working and trying to tweak to what "could be".  Whatever.

I have been very quiet recently because things are in the works. 100 Lotus flowers has taken a creative leap. I am reluctant to post images as I am preparing for a show in August and to post them will mean people would not need to come to the "show."

Just realized that I have not posted for a year. I am still here...still creating.