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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bamboo Cathedral - Chaguaramas, Trinidad West Indies

I documented the progression of this painting just for record keeping sake. We took a trip to the location to get some images to work with. It was a wet and rainy day, and I almost canceled. But the children were so eager to take this walk that I relented. On top of the rain, there were several fallen bamboo stalks (see top photo)
But the pictures you take are really just for reference. Some creative license can be taken always.

We took a walk all the way up to the Tracking station and got creeped out by the way the clouds were rolling in. Jordan said it could pass for a scene from a horror movie, and the kids joked about seeing zombies come up from the bushes....LOL

So here is the painting. No words needed. The final is at the end.

Finished painting!....

Friday, February 27, 2015

Patterns and more Patterns

Some time back for my Lotus Flower project, (still ongoing after all these years. See I stumbled upon Islamic Design and Sacred Geometry and bought the book above to assist in the exploration of this topic. (I love the sacred  meanings behind all the elements of Islamic Art, but that's another blog post)

To begin the patterns you must first construct a series of geometric shapes, and then proceed to mark out a pattern behind the pattern, or between the pattern that is before. It has been a challenge for me and I have not quite been able to get the formular.
The patterns require you to "See Beyond the Veil" of what is obvious in front of you. You can create exciting patterns like the one below; which I noticed shows up in a lot of home decor. I noticed it on the set of Being Human,
On the Landing
If you are looking.

 Recently I have notice an explosion of the pattern below on cushions, wall coverings, couches and other home decor patterns.

 The pattern was so stuck in my head I had to get it out, and proceeded to create this pair.  Love this pattern so much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Obsession with the TEMPLE ON THE SEA

Temple On The Sea - 2014 - Samantha Rochard

I have an obsession with this image...well this place. The Temple on The Sea is a Temple in Central Trinidad with a romantic story. The story of a man struggling to fulfill a vision, and he can't make it happen. Not with bags of rocks on a bicycle. Not with the raw power of the sea against him.

Admittedly the actual venue is nothing much visually. But it can be so much more. The architecture of the place offers nothing to titillate the imagination either.

The story though.....seems magical. Imagine being so dedicated to your goddess to undertake such a task as building a temple on the sea.
Temple On the Sea - 2011? - Samantha Rochard

Temple on the Sea 2007 - Samantha Rochard
I have done three paintings so far based on this location. And there are two more inside my head.

He didn't do it though, he never built it. In honor of his dedication, the government stepped in an funded the it was built.

As always....more creativity to come.