Samantha Rochard

My creative process.


Samantha Rochard lives on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.
" Life is a stage" she says " Are you writing your script?"

She worked with three distinct themes- Landscapes, real or imagined; Figure work and another group she has labelled Magicka.

The year 2008 was a very productive period, with three showings at the Red Earth Arts Festival, Fine Art Gallery, and More Vino. There were also special appearances by her paintings in Inmybedmagazine ( and in ART FETE, Hong Kong; a fund raising drive for the victims of the earthquake in China.

The artist has worked on a collaborative Mystic Intervention with several other artists at the Red Earth Eco Arts Festival 2009.
Mid 2009 also saw the start of a new series "100 Lotus Flowers" which she is still in progress; the lotus flower theme being a project that is turned too when healing is needed. View it here at

In 2013 she was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, a condition which she is learning to manage daily.  In 2014, a series of frequent vertigo episodes led to the decision to take two months medical leave. Realizing the she would unable to return to work full time anytime soon, she decided to devote all her attention to her art career.
Landscapes became her mainstay as they offered a calming element which assisted in managing her condition. Rochard visits areas on her twin island home of Trinidad and Tobago to record images on canvas. The country's rapid development in the last ten years has been encroaching on the natural environment. Many building from the past are also degenerating.

Selling predominantly online, paintings can be viewed on her Facebook page Samantha Rochard - Artist , and this blog.

Interested persons can also join her bi-monthly mailing list by messaging

Samantha Rochard

                            Current Activities -Ongoing currently

■ Painting Landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago.
■ Portfolio of images available online
■ Selling work directly to buyers online.

FINE ART GALLERY Carnival Exhibition 2015
■ Group Show with several artists.

Oval Wall Selection -2013

■ Sailing – Original Piece Actylic on Canvas Board – 30” x 20” selected for reproduction on the wall of the Queen’s Park Oval.
■ Click here to see picture.
100 Lotus Flowers -2010 - ongoing (though halted)

■ 100 Lotus Flowers is a journey toward healing and exploration through Art. By deliberately placing limitations in the way these Lotus Flower drawings are rendered, the intent is to find ways to create within limitations.
■ Reflections which come into the mind while drawing the pieces are recorded and blogged on
RED EARTH FESTIVAL – Mystic Intervention -2008

The Red Earth Festival seeks to promote environmental consciousness through the arts - music, arts, dance, and more... Mystic Intervention was the theme for the 2008 Art Show.
Pieces submitted :
■ Basking in My Moonlight
■ Mariposa
■ Two Eternal Beings
■ Mamzelle

More Vino Colaboration - 2008 Port of Spain Trinidad

Several pieces submitted for this exhibition. Donations from the proceeds were made to the Cyril Ross Nursery. More information can be seen here:
FINE ART GALLERY Group Exhibition 2008
■ Group Show with several artists, Nicole Criag and Troy Rhodes
First Solo Exhibition – Art Creators Gallery, St. Anns 2006
■ First Solo Exhibition – Themes included landscapes and nudes.

Salt Lake City Arts Festval, NorthTemple St. 2005
■ Special mention for Landscape Painting