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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About This Painting

This is Mamzelle. The first Painting that I Felt I was touched by some higher power which was sending a message. The Dragonfly, or Battimamzelle as we call it here in Trinidad; is a symbol of a spiritual messenger. I did actually get a lash of this image before I started painting. That's how they always com, like a swirl of images dancing in my mind's eye. They come in dreams, when I am drowsy, or when I shut my eyes for a little nap. Sometimes I am not even asleep yet. Any way the images swirl and twist until......AH ha one freezes for a split second as if to say " Look at this one" then the swirling begins again.......but I have already popped my eyes open and have started to sketch.

I had started praying for Spiritual guidance, and wisdom. After three months of meditations and reading and research the images started with this one.
The arch is quite common to many sacred buildings. A study of geomancy will tell you that the vibrations which resonate while you are inside the arch, create a particular frequency which brings your prayer closer to God, or the Creative Master as I like to call that higher power.
The predominance of purples and blues are a colour symbol of wisdom and spirituallity respectively. The Dragonfly's wings seem to dance with colours, a swirling rainbow of all possibility. Indeed, from the One spiritual guide, all things are possible. "I am the beginning" said to me. I was also called to reflect on Nature as something to be admired, worshiped and exalted, because of its source.
" Look around you" the painting said to me " Spirituality, Wisdom and mesages from the One Source of All exist everywhere. You only need to open your mind's eye to see."

Hope you enjoy it.

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