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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Tree Of Life

This prevails in so many mysteries, cultures and religions. Where is our root, what are the branches for? Is it that we start at a point and experiment and experience as many things as we can in order to grow spiritualy and mentally?
In faery lore...particulary if you are traveling the spiritual journey of the Noble Order of Tara, you begin your path walk from the Tree of Life.
My Tree Drawing was inspired by this. Except I have made it personal by deciding the attibutes I would like on my Path.
The Tree is at the centre rooted firmly into the ground. It grows into lights which are the colours of the rainbow. Each Light Colour is a representation of the Seven Rays...I wish to experience all the goodness available to me.
The four corners of the Tree are marked by my personal symbol...I'll explain that at a later date. the outer corners have spirals which, goin one way is the symbol for spirituality, and the otherway is a symbol for divinity. The borders are four animals, symbols of their the Top is Earth, the Owl, its colour white. I wish for widom, and the ability to fly .The second, to the right is the Eagle, Air its colour yellow, I wish for strength, clarity of vision, and the ability to fly. The Third to the base is the Phoenix, I wish for mystical experiences, the ability to be reborn and seek new direction when needed, and to fly. Then finaly, the one to the left is the Flying Fish, and water. I wish to soar above the realities of this existance, and again to fly.

Don;t get freaked out by the flying :)
There is a part of me that wants to hop skip and jump over the boring stuff and always reach my best. Except, when you reach your best, then your best moves to a higher position. There is a need for serious energy to continue to transcend your regular behaviour and push for more inner growth.

Blessings for your day.

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