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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Eternal Beings

Two eternal beings, are the elephants in the painting. Elephants, in the Vedas are symbol of eternal remembrance. There are lessons our spirits learn as the go from life to life. These lessons are always remembered by our Spirits, if not our physical brain. Throughout scriptures (and I mean all from all texts) there are beings, always two that come together to create a new start, new life. There are shapes between the two elephants in the paintings called a "RU" (the one with the flame) which is the passionate new beginning created by the coming together of the two. The Lotus flower portion creates another swirl of new life, one on a spiritual level. The rich tapestries that surround are an indication of the quality of life that these two souls have when they connect. Peacock feathers talk to the soaring of the spirit. The souls take flight with the ecstasy of their being together.
For me, I am glad I have someone in my life who creates that growth of Spirit in me. L is very precious to me. We have created many new beginnings and my life is a whole lot richer in quality than it has been before.

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