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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mandalas occur naturally, and can also be found in many eastern temples. Mandalas are to direct your focus during meditation. The traditional way is to focus on the picture from the outside going in ( into yourself as well) and open your mind to messgaes from the Soul of The World. (thank you Paolo Coelo) The physical world moves in cycles, and can reveal hidden messages sending you in the right direction for your happiness. Deepak Chopra calls it syncrondestiny, some other call it the "hidden voice" , the Holy Spirit, conciousness........but we have to know the direction we wish to head. We have to know what we want and desire it.

Doing the Madalas was fun.....

The ones pictured here are a personal Elven Mandala, to meditate on inner advancement for myself, and a fun Julie Mango Trinidadian. Ha ha ....

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