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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Organizing the portfolio

One of my biggest regrets is that I have no pictures of work done before 2003. Especially my nudes. I did so many of them in a certain time. The early ones were given away to friends who lived them....and also because of the comments that were not too positive from members of my family. It can be dishaertening when they look at a painting, do not comment and say "Why yuh doh paint the nice beach scenes again?" Yup...Life's a Beach....there are no naked people in the world.

I put together the pictures I had taken with the digital camera. I do have a nice looking portfolio. I really must look at nudes agai...models are so hard to find. Okay...let's rephrase that. Models are not hard to find. But the ones who want to be painted....don't exactly excite your artist's know what I mean?

More requests for landscapes, and nudes........must paint two peices this weekend. That's the limit I have set for myself. School starts Monday...there are clothes to wash and a house to clean and it will all be forgotten as the art must come first!!!!! Priorities..priorities....... when I stop work I don't think I will paint weekends....I need to take a break now and then....... but then this never feels like work.

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