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Monday, April 14, 2008



Let Your Spirit Soar.

There is one God; an all encompassing force of which we are a part. We are each a thread in its tapestry, a brush stroke to the painting. An entity in our selves, but part of a whole. Our purpose is to glow with our brightest colours to help the painting sparkle. Our aim is to find what makes us glow. Our heart can guide us to that glow, through trial and error and listening to the two beings in ourselves.

Each of us has a physical and a spiritual side, (Body and Spirit). Our minds are the bridge between the two, sharing emotions, offering advice, linking our two halves making them one. When we are born, we are placed at the beginning of a road and let loose to find a Path. We are never told which is the correct path and where we must turn. We are not even told what to look for, or who will guide us, or where we should end up.

We grow up, and choose things that appeal to us instinctively. We are happy with these things. We are please with the clashing effect of pink and red. We are happy with the taste of Peanut butter and cheese. They speak to us, they speak to our soul. We are interested, and feel a certain type of music, we are attracted to a certain type of person. These all speak to our soul. Each choice is a learning process to push us along our path. We are battered by the choices we make and the effect of the lesson left with us. This is healthy, this is the way.
Ideally when we reach adulthood, we would have had an idea about what we enjoy, what activities touch us in meaningful ways. We continue along our path absorbing as much as we could, becoming brighter and brighter until we find it nessecary to pass on the brightness to others close to us; or maybe to others who would listen. In this way the two “I”s in us shine, find bliss and are happy.

In reality, most of us are buffered from the battering. Instead of making our own choices, our parents make choices for us because they know better, they want to shield us from the hurt. This prevents self-exploration, or any type of exploration for that matter- and leads to an individual left without a sense of direction for the good of his/her soul. So protected were we from learning to make a decision, that we never learnt how to analyse, how to rationalize, how to look for the touchstones that define what is better for that soul.
Some of us believe in following the masses, or a large group of people would bring us protection. Worse yet, we are born into something that we never really question, or are prevented from questioning anything with harsh looks and threats of impending doom. As children, we have been so brainwashed that misfortune will come to us if we stray from the path that we are being kept on by others, that we don’t even realize when life has become less colourful, gray and mirthless. Some of us don’t even realize that we have mild depressive tendencies.

Each soul is unique. Each soul has its own set of wings, with their own combination of colours for that particular position on this Universal Painting. Only you can feel the touchstones that you need. No parent can feel it for you. No teacher can guide you. It is impossible that we all must tread the same path, or be the same colour on the canvas. The painting would then be bland…………
I find it impossble to believe that one or two religions are “the right way.” I believe the way must be as numerous as the colours in the colour spectrum, and those colours which we cannot see with the naked eye. What may work for your friends, my not give you the fulfillment you seek. What is that feeling in your heart? Do you feel like AH….I am home, my heart is here? If not, if you can question that, the you are not on the right path for your spirit. Your unique soul needs something different. Just the fact that you are reading this, shows you are seeking something more fulfilling.

If you don’t search… will you find it?

The known is a prison of past conditioning. The past does not matter. It’s where you have come from, which led you to this point.
The question now, is where do you want to be in the future? What things would you like to change? What are the touchstones that you want more of in your life?

Where you are now is where you are supposed to be, Accept it, revel in it, celebrate it. YOU ARE HERE. YOU HAVE ARRIVED. Thank the universe for it. Take a brief moment to reflect where you want to be. What feelings do you want to experience more? Write those down and try to get more of those experiences in your life.

Here is my list:

1) The exilerating feeling I had playing Laser Tag. Fun…..pure fun.

2) The feelings I get when I read occult books. Like I am unraveling a mystery. I am Exploring, discovering.

3) The feeling I get when I collect a paycheck with huge commissions. Sense of accomplishment. Goal Attained. Like when I finish a painting.

4) The feeling I get when I am creatively praying. That connection to ALLSPIRIT. I get that same feelin when creating a painting, writing or making love.

So the touchstones that drive me are:
Connection with Spirit

What are the touchstones that drive you???

Make your list as you go along, observing your feelings about everything. Fill your life with them, enrich your world with them.
These will cause your spiritual growth. As you grow, more touchstones will be created. Observe and focus on these for a while as you grow again.
Now that you have analyzed this, forget about it and move back to living in the present. What you would find is that you subconsciously gravitate to the things which bring the touchstones to live a fuller life. The present will get better and better.


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