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Monday, May 26, 2008

Letting them come to me / Basking in my Moonlight.

A bit more relaxed and positive than before. Got some good news today....okay great news, but I won't reveal it till the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.

The Soul of the World is working with me, and laughing with me...and if one gift comes, the other that I need for the first one will also come.

I am letting God fix that issue. After all, you don't send a gift without the batteries do you?

This peice is called Basking in My Moonlight. Thats because my light is a little different..I don't shine in the sun, but in another light....maybe the moon. The essences of the world swirl around me. I know they are there, and relax in their presence. My connection with the light is always present ( the dragonfly) and I am comfortable in my space.

So I choose to walk a diffrent path.....and I am happiest on this road. I am free to think, analyse, learn, explore. Then I mix it all up in my mind and out comes a delicious visual treat!!!

Another moon painting coming up. You should have seen that full moon Tuesday gone.....WOW!

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