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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moon over island mountain

Sometimes the world gives you gifts. Like this image painted here. But do we always recognize it as a gift? Sometimes gifts are disguised. I had always wanted two month to just paint. It nearly escaped me. After I quit my job....and started to panic over the lack of money....I realized that I had been asking for this for a long time.....I smiled, my gift had been granted. Not the way I had planned it, but still granted.

Other gifts give direction. I wanted to be accepted by a gallery in New York for a long time, but was

always to afraid to send my work. One day I did to a gallery. They liked my work. Just the acceptance was enough. And even though I cannot afford their representation fees...just knowing that the work was good enough encouraged me to send out pics to other galleries in New York. The gift was courage to seek further and not let it stop there.

Gifts can be emotions, answers. I was wondering if to start looking for a new job. In reading the newspaper, my eyes fell on one line in a story...." people edd to be encouraged to do what they have a passion for...." That answered my question.

The other gifts will come.........

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