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Saturday, May 17, 2008

On a downward mood. this all there is to life. I am in that mood again. The mood where I second Guess myself, wonder what life is for...and where days stretch before me like and endless parade of banal activities.

I am looking at some peices and seem absolutely disappointed with my efforts. I have done four this week...out of those four only three seem worthy of showing. None are for Magicka. They are all landscapes.

I can't seem to figure out where my mind is.

Have you ever been humbled by the sight of a painting? I saw two in a gallery yesterday that made mine seem like kid stuff. Honeslty they were so alive with colour and texture. So beautiful in there strokes....and then I see one of mine that I think so Landscapeist.......

I think after tthis show...I will never show landscapes again...just do the postcard ones for quick sales....not for exhibition. They are not my passion. They drain my energy.......

I know in a few days time I will e out of this funk that I am in...just a phase really. But I still do wonder what is the point to life.......maybe I need to find more things to enjoy.

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Dennis Family said...

Hi Samantha,

I think you've got it right, funks come and go...

I'm right in the middle of reading "Art and Fear" and can't help but think that you might also find it useful in keeping motivated art-wise.