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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its amazing that you can have all the time, and still get bogged down by things to do. For the next three days I shal take no calls, answer no emails..until I finish the four unfinished paintings that I have on the porch! really is difficult to carve out your time. Especially when you only have between 9 and 2:30 to work solo. Distractions, kids, house commitments....well damn the curtains until next month. Gym paint, pick up kids....thats all I am going to do. If anyone bugs me I will spray them with bug repellent!!!!

Here is a recently finished painting. There is a poem that goes with it.

Three Boats

As the sun sets upon my life

I sat ashore awaiting.

Far to the horizon I spied

Three ships at the sun's crossing

No marks to differentiate them
No sailor there to guide
No indication for me
To know which I should ride.
One ship sails for Nirvana
One raises my spirit in Life
One ship just sails a parrelel,
and returns soul back to life.
For fear of consequence
How to choose ? thought I
Trust in Above I set my mind
And then I closed my eyes.

1 comment:

paint1chris said...

Samantha, I love your work. The subject matters are so different, yet both are captivating.
You are much braver than I...going full time painting. I'm not there yet, but I have increased painting time and actually started to think of myself as a "professional" artist as opposed to an artist.
Thanks for putting a link to my blog on your website!
Chris in Alberta