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Monday, June 16, 2008

Creativity on another level.

Sometimes, after going through a creative fever, and pelting out about ten paintings in two weeks...I get tired. I need to stop and replenish my brain. I feel empty....but I also feel to start searching again.
This is a picture of another creative venture, which I do when the urge hits me. I like to try to re-create food I have tasted in Restaurants....and make them look good too.
Here is a picture of my "Pasta Pollo Alfredo", which was devoured by my family in minutes.......yum.

Diversions are important. When I stop thinking about happens. When I turn my attetion away for a while, more images start popping into my head. Ever wonder why when you can't remember a name....and you move on to something pops into your head? Same principle. When you try to think something out and its not coming...its being forced. Let it go...eventually it would work itself out and come to you.......

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