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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My day at the Beach

Imagine, I still have to deal with people who call me crazy. I think its crazy that anyone should want to work 9-5 everyday in the same place. I like dealing with whatever is a priority that day. The day has surprises. Not only that...I have the ability to decide my office today will be at the beach....and produce "beach work" for the day.

I have been looking at the hits the website recieves. 80% of the time, people look at the landscapes. I know this theme is a clear favourite...its internationally known in the art world.

I am actuall focusing on landscapes for the next three weeks.

After that....some thoughts on Divali..and the big festival there in Chaguanas. I think some Hindu Gods are in order.........must contact the Festival organisers.

Beach Paintings sell a lot...especially if you live on an island.....they don't sell in UTAH mountains sell in UTAH.

Special hello to all my friends in Utah......Loiuse and Nancy. Krista, Jordan, Amy and Dillon and the Ronald McDonald HOuse.....Margaret.

On to the next painting.

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