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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Red Earth Eco Arts Festival

Hope to upload pics from the Festival Exhibition. I have been having trouble all day. The festival went off okay. I was stationed at the Art exhibit for the two days.....I liked it, it was relaxing. Nice to chat with artists about their work. Most of the were young, but there was a beautiful jewelry display from one artist.

Some of the others sold work. We had a reasonable turn out, especially since most of our advertising plans kinda crashed due to lack of funding.....but that's okay. Facebook helped a lot.

Next year we will plan way in advance and look for more artists and a bigger space.

I have to turn my attention now to the Fine Art Exhibition in Woodbrook. It is a group show with Nicole Craig, and Troy Rhodes to name a few. Its been pushed back to accomodate Leroi Clarke with his work. He has a set back. I wish him well and all the good luck. You really have to admire him because of his determination to keep going even though the start was rough. He basically thumbed his nose at the critisizers and continued on his own path.

Mamzelle and Basking in my Moonlight were well recieved. Generally people like the themes I paint. Sometimes, there were long discussions stemming from a painting. I liked talking about the work..........but I was very tired at the end of both days and just needed quiet. was good stimulating conversation.

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