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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Restful Day

Spent the day at the beach with the family. I like going on Saturday's. Its less crowded. Only the rain spoilt it for the children. We made a good go at staying, but by the third shower of rain we had enough and packed up to go home.

One thing to remark about this direction for me is that I am a much calmer person. I am still searching for a partime job to meet expenses, but I haven't gotten any leads as yet.

It must fit into the art career, probably using two days a week. Also, it must not use any of the same skills that I need for my art career, painting or selling. I know that anything similar will result in a mixed up focus...and that will take away the energies from my Art.

I have many thoughts running through my head....none have given me the "YES" feeling.

Sales are slow, only because I am now starting. I send out emails and make calls, but I think people are for the most part surprised....I did sell one painting last week. Okay I might have sold two, but for a reschedule by the client.

Please remember that not only is this blog for the purpose of explaining my paintings, nut also to let people know what being a full time artist is like. The ups and the downs. So while I feel a sense of calm and peace of mind, today was one of those days where the shopping bug hit me, the liming bug bit me....and I could do neither. The yearning for the steady stable salary everymonth hit me right back in the face. I had to restrain myself from sending out resumes. I had to remind myself, that my artist self will turn into a mean grouchy old nag-if I went to work for anyone else full time. I must have time to paint, to think about painting....seriously folks this is no joke. If ever an artistic person tells you they don't mind the 9-5 jobs...they are lying to you and themselves. Or maybe they don;t want to let you down for some reason or the other.

Artists must create. They must have time to process the creativity, and time to execute the painting. And often. When they start to get grumpy, its most likely because they haven't created for a while. Artists need to wake up in the morning and get the creative part over and done with, even before they think about breakfast, or washing the clothes or any chores or duties....we must breathe.....creating is breathing.

I had been a sourpuss for years....I am now feeling like I am living...I do not wish to be chained again.

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