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Friday, June 6, 2008

A Word- Elven Mandala

The paintings are coming....just busy getting Red Earth Art Exhibit off the Ground. I am submitting 5 Magicka paintings. I am not sure how it will be recieved, because the subject matter is not usually well recieved in Trinidad.

Its amazing how people believe that spirituality is not something that could be, or should be discussed openly. Its amazing how for people its either one religion or another. They all have there strong points and each one can lead to exploration of the next....

I must explore.....this is a personal mandala. I am the point in the centre. The leaves are my growth. The lines radiate from me and to me. I grow outward, and inspiration comes inward. Always growing always improving. The circle is the All..I am proteted, nutrued and shielded by its grace.

I am beginning to understand what "seeking God first" means. Its your personal inner light. The light that God gave you and only you to must shine that light, and everything falls into place. I am becoming more and more at peace with myself and the world everyday...I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I must do.

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Islandgirl said...

Hi Samantha,
Had a look at your site and you work. I also love the Starry Sky painting..very Van Goghish. I also like the way you capture light in your paintings..I can feel the sun on my face in your beach scenes.
Like you I left my horrible office job earlier this year to persue my passion. My earliest memories of myself have been of creating things out of nothing and for several years I buried that under the responsibilites of making ends meet and being a mom. So fellow brave person I salute you and your efforts! Live your dream and the doors of the world will open and richness of the soul will be yours!