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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A busy time

Its been a busy couple of days. I put my head against the wall and did some serious marketing. There is one email that rally generates a response. It even made the Trinidad Guardian! Anyway..people like the idea that they can just choose a painting and I deliver it to them. I have done well this week. And I will continue to strive to do better.
I realize my biggest problem is that mental block which prevents you from following through. As an advertising sales rep, you knew that the start was difficult. Things will be slow, and then a regular flow would start to come. I was about to give up hope, and a little flow trickled in to renew my faith. I have also learnt to let go of the outcome (to a point) and stop worying about the bills, and how to pay what. Just do what I have to do and it will flow........
Work does not seem like work......I enjoy getting up everyday...I enjoy what I am doing.......

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Aimee said...

that is a beautiful thing... i strive for that, too. good work.