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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Isn't it strange. A feww years ago this painting was rejected by the very same gallery which is taking it now. It was also featured in the newspapers very prominently recely. When I subbmitted it for display at the gallery, I was told it was "too contrived".

But isn't art supposed to be " contrived?" Don't we contrive art in our heads and then put it on paper. Isn't what we create contrived of

a number of past experiences, put down on paper.

One of the attributes of art, as agains't photography, is that the painting can show the relationship which the artist has with its environment. Or the artist's opinion about the subject. I think most artists who shy away from this type of analysis are afraid to put their opinions out there for fear of rejection by the public. I hope that in years to come, we will see more and more art which gives opinions and challenges main stream though.

The painting here is entitled " Blue Deity." In Hindu mythology it is said that every one thousand years there is a great spiritual person incarnated on Earth. Hindu Gods and Goddesses are these avatars, incarnating in a form most suitable for teaching their lessons.

It makes no sense to Creation to send an incarnation that does not fit the attributes of the present reality, and cannot relate to the people here, or communicate with them.

Blue Diety attempts to explore who the next Avatar incarnate will be........

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