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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yes...two blogs today.I wanted to upload somthing that I have been working on recelty for a special project. These will be shipped to a Caribbean Art Dealer in New York by next week. I am happy to have someone to do some sales for me. The series is something that I started before in Utah while Joseph was doing his surgery. Unfortunately, they got stuck in Utah...These are more refined and a better composition than the first set, which were really experimental work.I love the ethnic feel, the colours, the subject matter. I enjoyed doing this work. I must complete ten.......but maybe I will do more.I wonder how these will be recieved for carnival?Today was dedicated to adding pics to the site, taking pictures, filing, recording, and I still have to do some accounting for June and July.....sigh..I hate numbers; but it is nessecary to make sure that I am keeping on track. I did better this month...but still far from my goal. I am currently reading " ART SALES 101" the business of selling art...I have reched the chapter on setting goals. It was easier toset goals in advertising sales cuz I knew the averages.Like ten proposals = one sale. So you knew how many proposals you had to send out.I have also decided to refine the output a bit. I will stick to 11" x 17" size and under. Not only are they faster to paint, but they are easier to sell because of the price. I can finish 30 of this size per can only snowball.

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Alberta and Ava said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I love these paintings. The colors are faboulous. Good luck!