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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little Bit of this, a little bit of that- FINE ART Gallery Wood Brook

Group show openings are definately better, because you get more people coming to them. It wasn't even 6:30 yet, and there were already people inside. Mom, Dad and Gran got there before me. And I could see that they were already engrossed in art discussions.
It was an hour before the red dots started cropping up next to the paintings. But my little Brooklyn Bar was the second one to be sold. I only have two sold, but my experience tells me that there are people who hate the openings, because they can't really see the art. These people are serious buyers, who come in the next three days and buy as well. I am not worried.

A lot of guests on my list did not get their invitations. ARRRGGG TT POST. As Gran says, next time hand deliver them. It will be faster for me to drive around the island...which I can comfortably do in one week taking a few people at a time, and deliver the invitations. Or next one will see me sending out notices one month in advance!
There was much disscussion around " And Goddes Breathed...and the Earth was created" it wasn't sold, but boy did it spark converstaion. I over heard this group of people debating what I was thinking when I did it, and then their comments about what they thought. Everything from Listerine fumes to LSD musings came up. It was fun to eves drop. Only later on in the evening they met me and the topic came up again.

It was good networking. WIN TV was there, interviewing all the artists. They missed me completely.... Gayelle will get separate profiles on everyone later this week. They will use the clips as fillers during their programming, so infor about the show will be on right through to the end.
Thank you to the people who came. I could not get many pictures because I was so busy chatting, and networking. I am approaching this as a business venture. I met the gallery owner, who started speaking to me about corporate sales. He sometimes gets hotles, office buildings etc who will commission artists with styles they like for multiple pieces. I let him know that I was doing this full time and that I was available for such work. This alone made me feel the opening was worth it. Sharon was back and forth red-dotting by the second hour, and the press was taking loads of pics. I met all the other artists, some friendly, some aloof. I like Marsha Bhagwansingh's work, and Nicole Craig's in your face graphicy style. Troy had more "tree" drawings and I thought...but when I chatted with him I found out they were roots. Delicated little ink fine filligree. He also did some large ink illustrations.....sigh I needed more pics.

I was able to meet Fraulien Rudder, head of the Women in Art group. They are very popular. She was explaingin the retreats and group meetings and challenges to me. I think they might be interesting to look into. Magella and Maikim showed up to support Shurlann Peters and myself....thanks guys. Special thank goes also to Mr. Rohan Sawh who has supported my work on line, and for all the leads he has been giving me to sell more work.

I will go back to the gallery and see if I could get more info on the artists, now that the opening has gone an its quieter. For now...I have to finish the New York order. I have four more peices to go, and then get them online with a link.

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Aimee said...

sounds like a success! ...on many levels. i aspire, well done.