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Sunday, July 27, 2008

One small Step

Great of my paintings is in a Canadian magazine called In My Bed Magazine. The painting was exhibited at Art Creators Gallery in Trinidad WI in 2006. It is called Dancers. I tried to post it here, but you can see it at
I believe the magazine is really worth the can subscribe free at There are artists, photographers andwriters from all over the world..focused on one topic...SEX.
This racy mag has Foreplay for this issues theme. I guess dancing is considered foreplay to the horizontal lambada....ha ha ha ha.
Any way I feel inclined to shout out all my achievements, no matter how small. We will be working together again as they like my work...and I like their approach. It will get me in the mood to explore more nude paintings. Haven''t done one in a while.
I didn't get chosen for Art Kudos though. I am a bit dissapointed....sigh....I could have used the prize money. But you can't win at everything.....and I am very happy and grateful for the things I win at.
Keeping the trail blazing.........what'do I do next I wonder?

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