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Friday, July 11, 2008


Its going too slow. I am beginning to panic again. However...progress is being made. I did a lot better this month than last month. I believe I can inch up a bit every month, but reality won't give me a chance. The bills are growing faster than my income...and there are additional expenses to see about.....

Fates.......where next do I turn for a nice stash of potential customers?

HMMMMMM need to think this through and push a little harder.

When we were experiencing a slow sales month at the Television station, we knew that we had to put our shoulders to the wheel, and push harder. That's just what I hav to do....push harder.

They say that the SOul of the World conspires to make your dreams come true, once you are true to yourself......... well "HELLO IAM WAITING HERE!!!!!"
I think the Soul of the World has gone off to helpp someone else... LOL


Geraldo Maia said...

Olá Samantha,
It is a great pleasure to be visiting for the first time your nice blog. I liked of it.
Best wishes from Brazil:

The Third said...


Stick with it. There is no harm in having a regular income, I felt that way also; But then everything else will be limited. There is freedom to enjoy from autonomy, going without at times, just the price of admission. Besides, you've got a really great blog and free advertising all in one. Consider this, it takes nine months for someone beautiful to come into the world, its all process.