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Monday, July 14, 2008


Just the other day I was griping how the Soul of the World was taking a long time to "wuk a zeppy". I think it heard me...... and BAM! All of a sudden, I am talking to a couple who have been selling Caribbean art online for the last 25 years. They are based in New York....and I am painting up a storm to finish ten peices for them.I will upload pics of them later...six down, four more to go.Nearly caught a fit today because the art store was out of the canvas I wanted. Gosh I felt stuck and crappy. Went to the other one and bought one dozen canvas boards in a smaller size. They didn't have the size I wanted either. I am going to have to start hoarding canvas boards....there are only two places that sell near where I am.....and then two other places in the southern part of the island..... I hope supply isn't going to be a problem.That other art store had some beautiful inks. Gabriela and I were oohhing and aahing about the colours....and pearlescent too....hmmmm now what can we do with that?I did a few more "postcardy type" paintings for fun. These are acrylic and ink on paper. One is posted here. This one I call "old colonials." Pretty soon we will have no more of this architecture left on the island.Just stocking up...Christmas and Carnival you can never have enough "souvenir type paintings....and they are affordable too, even after framing. Talking about Carnival, I so want to do that Pierrot series............maybe say 10? I am also thinking of printing some postcards from my paintings. The only thing I wonder about is the man power to stock the stores continuosly.Tomorrow is the gallery opening.......and well I don't know how I feel.....honestly. I am so over it already...but nervous of having to endure people. I have become quite a recluse. Plus we have these Television interviews.

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Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Samantha,
Thanks for your reply.
In regard to your question about Sacred Art, I inform that Paintings and Images relative to religion is considered "sacred".
Anyway I am not an expert but a simple admirer and have interest to put all good things that I can find here on my blog.
In addition to the same question I inform that I am not a surfer myself.
Best wishes from Natal: