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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TICK TOCK TICK......groan

Hear that? Thats the sound of the Universe groaning as I try to make up my mind. I have a lot of have to do´s. Except this week has been hard to focus on anything. I feel like I need a break. I haven´t exercised in ages, and I haven´been able to focus 100% on the work. Which worries me because I still need to do some more sales to make up the bills for August. Very difficult to get into the zone with the children home....very difficult. I had no idea that I went into a trance like state when I was concentrating.

So things have been on hold. Even acquiring new emails, and sending out proposals have been on hold. Horrible...cannot progress this way. Then there is this order for New York that hasn´t been sent yet....and I also have to do ten to go to Detroit....which I haven´t started yet. There is a commission for Dancers 2 for a lovely young lady, which I have the sketch for , but can´t email it cuz the computer is down.

There are blocks all around, and the type of block that sends forth a mental block, and you have to twist your creative brain to find a way to get it done. These are my mountains......these are my mountains. I have been apt to say chuck the whole thing if it doesn´t come easy...and I have learnt now that this is my challenge for these matters of the Art.....

I love it though...and I hope that my new bosses don´t complain about my sideline...its becoming very public and its going to be difficult to hide.

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