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Saturday, July 12, 2008

We cannot see into the future

Thank you to all the people commenting on my blog. It feels good....especially when you are about to give up.

But I know that would be stupid...because there is nothing that makes me feel completely fullfilled as painting, and thinking about what to paint next. I am in a state of rest. I need to full my mental store with experiences and images and concepts from something new; which will enable me to start thinking again.

Even though I have been a bit dissapointed with progress, I also know that one day I would look back on this time an laugh that I ever doubted myself. I am very sure this is what I am meant to do. I just need to look at creative ways of generating income from it. It will be slow in coming, but it will come....and eventually the progress will be exponential.

I have

many ideas, I just need the money to execute them.

The little painting above is " Lotus Mandala" . The Lotus, if you have ever seen its surroundings, loves to grow in nasty, smelly muddy water. The flower blooms absolutely beautiful. The flower has become a symbol, especially to Hindus as it is the flower of Mother Latchmi. It symbolises that out of even the most dank of environments (mud) the most beautiful things can be realized. It is in keeping with the celebrations around Lutchmi...who's Divali ( Festivalof Lights) reminds us of the ability of light to overcome darkness.

Even when things seem darkest, there is a beauty to be realized.

However...I know too, that if I keep focussing on the negative, the negative will keep coming. My struggle is in keeping myself in a positive frame of mind. And all of you who responded to my blogs recently are helping me do just that....thank you for the support.

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