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Monday, August 11, 2008


Finally......I feel like one long sigh. I have some semblance of a computer back with images and

functionability. I can breath again. This one, And Goddess Breathed and The World Was Formed is on display at Fine Art Gallery (Yes the exhibit is still on) and caused a lot of it puzzled the hell out of people. But I feel like this again....a release. And out of every release comes a change...or a noticable movement in the direction of your goal.

I have manage to convince myself that everything I want is attainable. I just don´t always know how to attain it! Ha ha ha....

However, there are a few tricks to the trade. And if I say ¨I want´´, at some point the Universe will give me what I want. Now if I could just keep my focus on one thing at a time, then the Universe won´t be so confused.


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