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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exploring the design side

This painting explores design-fine art combinations. This is where my graphic design experience comes to the light. This painting is also the second one done with the chattel house motif. In the mind of the

Trinidadian, the french style houses with the filigree woodwork trim and jaelousy window are the icon for houses in Trinidad. Many new houses have been popping up using the elements of design from the French.

Also I noticed that there is always the sun in my paimtings. Am I looking for the light? Or is the circle a need for completion? Do I need to make myself whole?

I feel like the Universe wants me to wait a while. Things feel like they are moving slowly. Every step I make to leave the rut sees me pushed back to wait some more. I will wait...I have no choice. Fate binds yousometimes....

I suppose when the lesson is learnt, them I shall be able to move on. For now..... I shall remain in a quiet medidtative mood.

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