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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Gifts come in all forms. Most times we do not see something as a gift. Sometimes, the gift can seem like an annoyance, but if you look closely with your mind set on finding something positive.....the beauty of any negative thing may appear before your eyes.
This is a piece done from a flower my daughter gave me. The flower was a tiny little thing. The kind of flower you may step on without a second thought. I was not annoyed by this gift when she gave it to me, but I was curious how this little plant could enchant her. You would have sworn she won the Lotto, with her excitement. Her reaction prompted me to look closer.
The flower, no bigger than my finger tip was a radiant purple, with contrasting yellow centre and deep green leaves. Its the kind of colour combination which would have excited Van Gogh. The three colours form a triad on the colour wheel.
My point to all of this is that every where you must go, everything you experience is a nessesary step in the creation of your life story. My daughter´s reaction prompted me to look closer at something I thought was mundane and unimportant. Our concious minds may dismiss details as irrelevant. But there are times, and I am sure you too have experienced this, where we obtain a flash of clarity.
¨ That´s what that was!¨ On Oprah...they call it the AHA moment.
In every person you dislike, every boring deed, every dead end job, there is a jewel waiting to be plucked by you. That jewel is a lesson to strengthen you, and bring you growth. So look at the seemingly negative and annoying things in your life a little closer, and find the jewel.
Changing your perspective often brings improvement to your soul.

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